Clara is a physical trainer, trainer with certification of professionalism in physical conditioning, karate sports trainer and practitioner of different sports and martial disciplines. In addition, Clara is a rowing lover in jábega and llaüt, former competitor and medalist in the kumite modality, Clara Santiago4 times Andalusian champion in -50Kg until 2013, second classified in the Championship of Spain Senior Pre-Stage in El Ferrol In 2013, Champion at the Murcia International Open organized by the RFEK in 2010, 3rd Dan of Karate and, in turn, a graduate in Communication Sciences, Researcher at the University of Malaga and researcher of her own method.

Sincrobox joins for the first time the upper and lower train by indoor bicycle with a strong base of different sports. This is totally different from the current methods, the synchronization between arms and legs to the rhythm of the pedaling make possible the method in which toning exercises are performed with natural movements of the body incorporating many elements such as balls, weights, rubber, bars , etc., the element will vary depending on the level in which each student is.

Clara began her career as an entrepreneur in 2012 and manages to extend her method to other Andalusian provinces with the training of monitors who manage to activate the activity and obtain favorable reviews that lead to further positioning the brand in the field of fitness and health with An important media impact.
When he manages to start his company, almost three years later he realizes that his method, at level I, can help women operated on for breast cancer because of his close experience with the disease for his family. This reason makes him take the brake, without hesitation, to his expansion and his business career and that is when he adapts his method to this disease and conducts a scientific study that demonstrated its effectiveness against the consequences of breast cancer.

This path leads her to live borderline situations that only those closest to her experience know, but that Clara assumes as life experiences that make you stronger and make you value what you have even more.

Malaga City Council coordinated the scientific study with Clara from the Sports Medicine Center after learning about the project in which different health and sports professionals also voluntarily collaborated.

Clara thus managed to teach her classes in the scientific study in several centers, with the Asamma and Esperanza Associations under sanitary surveillance, which gives a firm approval to the adaptation of her method to women operated for breast cancer by publishing the results of the study in the most prestigious sports medicine journals such as the International Journal of Sport Medicine and The Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine.

Clara achieves her goal in 2016, improves the quality of life of her family who participated in the scientific study and of many women who participated with her.

Today, this athlete continues the path that began in 2012 in the sports field and teaches Sncrobox as a training method divided into three levels for all audiences and as a complement to high performance for athletes.
The scientific study was considered a pioneer in Spain because it was the first time weights were used to perform exercises in women who have suffered from this disease. In addition, it is novel because it is a method of sports training adapted to women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, based on different sports and fitness on indoor cycling in collective classes obtaining excellent results.

Sincrobox is part of the candidacy of Málaga European Capital of Sport 2020 by awarding points to the city to obtain it by contributing our small grain of sand to said candidacy.

Currently, Clara promotes numerous social projects to help sectors such as women's sports where she applies her method with the pioneer project #ComplementaTuDeporte that has come to provide multiple benefits to numerous athletes who practice it through this program in addition to giving them visibility.



If a person suffers or has suffered any pathology should consult their doctor or physiotherapist before starting Sincrobox since it is currently taught as a sports training for all audiences taught by monitors and sports coaches. 

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