Sincrobox is a method of training based on synchronized pedaling with martial arts (SPMA)and numerous sports, created in 2012 by the athlete Clara Santiago.

Clara is a physical trainer, trainer with certification of professional fitness, karate sports technician and practitioner of various sports and martial disciplines. Clara is also a former competitor and medalist in the kumite modality, she is 3er Dan of karate and, in turn, a graduate in Communication Sciences, a researcher from the University of Málaga and a researcher of her own method.

Sincrobox unites the upper and lower limps during pedaling on a indoor bicycle with a strong based on martial arts, numerous sports and fitness. This method is totally different from other methods. the synchronization between arms and legs to the rhythm of pedaling, make possible the method in which toning exercises are performed with natural body movements and modified exercises based on the differents martial arts and numerous sports. Many elements are  incorporated: balls, weights, rubber bands, bars, etc., the element will vary depending on the level in which each student is.

Clara started her career as an entrepreneur in 2012 and manages to extend her method to other Andalusian provinces with the training of monitors who manage to activate the activity and obtain favorable opinions that lead to further positioning the brand in the field of physical exercise and health with an important media impact.

When she manages to start as an entrepreneur, three years later she realizes that her method, at her level I, can help women with breast cancer surgery because of her close experience with the disease with her family. This reason makes him brake, without hesitation, his expansion and his business career where the human factor won the battle.

Then, he travels heaven and earth to ask for collaboration to carry out a scientific study that is coordinated by the sports area of the Malaga City Council.  Different health and sports professionals collaborate on a voluntary and non-profit basis, scientifically demonstrating the effectiveness of a method adapted to women operated on for breast cancer to improve their quality of life in general. This path leads her to live limit situations that only know the people closest to her experience. Clara assumes these situations as life experiences that make you stronger and make you value even more what you have. Clara achieves her goal in 2016, improves the quality of life of her sister cousin who participated in the scientific study and of many women who participated with her. 

The study has been considered a pioneer in Spain because it is the first time that weights have been used to perform exercises in women who have suffered from this disease. In addition, it is new because it is a method of sports training adapted to women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, based on martial arts and fitness exercises on indoor bicycle in collective classes obtaining excellent results.

In addition, Sincrobox is part of the Málaga European Capital of Sport 2020 program, awarding points to the city to obtain the same by contributing its small grain of sand to this candidacy.

Currently, Clara continues the path she started in 2012 and teaches Sincrobox as a sport training method divided into three levels.



If a person suffers or has suffered any pathology should consult their doctor or physiotherapist before starting Sincrobox since it is currently taught as a sports training for all audiences taught by monitors and sports coaches. 

Welcome to Sincrobox …