Level I Sincrobox is a wellness level that involves physical and mental work, providing numerous benefits such as general toning, strength, postural control, coordination, increased attention and concentration capacity, helps to release mental and physical stress and to control the breathing.

The Level I Sincrobox is suitable for all people who want to lose weight, tone in a general way, improve coordination, maintain a correct posture and release stress.

Sincrobox Level II entails a high intensity and low impact work, encompassing a great physical-technical work that combines aerobic activities, resistance and muscular strength development.

Sincrobox Level II is suitable for general strengthening, balance, postural control, coordination, and as a complement for athletes.

Sincrobox Level III is used as a sports complement in high performance sport for athletes who wants to develop its sport and cognitive qualities to the maximum.

The application of the Sincrobox exercises improves many of the sporting characteristics, such as the coordination of movements, motor control, highlighting the importance of the dissociation of the upper limbs with respect to the lower ones, the work of balance and postural control, as well as its application in activities for the improvement of perception, memory and attention at the cognitive level.

It is a physical-technical work that combines aerobic activities, resistance and  muscular strength development that provides numerous benefits for the athlete in a global way.


If a person suffers or has suffered any pathology should consult their doctor or physiotherapist before starting Sincrobox since it is currently taught as a sports training for all audiences taught by monitors and sports coaches. 

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